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Real estate strategic consulting

Whether you own land with development potential or an already built facility with potential for improvement, we can help you find the Highest and Best Use solution.

In the planning phase, the first step is to find the most optimal solution for the defined needs and possibilities of the investor. For this purpose, we are preparing Highest and Best Use analysis of real estate with development potential.

We do this by analyzing the needs and requirements of a specific real estate market on the one hand, and the needs and possibilities of a specific investor on the other. The characteristic of such analysis is that we create several realistic scenarios (2 to 3), among which we look for the scenario that brings maximum profitability, and each scenario must be Physically possible, Legally permissible and Financially feasible. We practically find the scenario that, in our opinion, brings maximum profitability to the investor in accordance with the current market conditions.

In such an analysis, we document all conclusions and advice to the investor and present them with concrete financial indicators of profitability, for each of the adopted scenarios separately, in such a way that the investor can make the most optimal decision for his own business goals.

In this way, we can help the investor not only to decide regarding the development options of one real estate, but also, if necessary, to compare two or more different real estates (locations for construction).