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Property valuation


evaluations of apartments, houses and business premises


evaluation of different types of office buildings, industrial complexes and other specialized real estate such as gas stations and bio gas plants

Since its establishment, our company has been operating in accordance with the highest international valuation standards of IVS and RICS, and since its entry into force in 2018, also with national standards (Law on Real Estate Appraisers). In addition to compliance with the highest valuation standards, the quality of our reporting is ensured by rigid procedures that regulate our entire business.

The procedures of the evaluation department ensure the monitoring of the process from receiving the order from the client, through the preparation of the report, until the review and finalization of the report.

All our valuations are solely the product of the work of the OAC Property Services team, regardless of who personally prepared the valuation report, be it an external collaborator or an in-house valuer.

Each of our reports undergoes a control/ review by at least one reviewer, and depending on the type, location, proposed value and estimated real estate risk, up to 3 reviews by more experienced colleagues.

Each of our appraisers is individually insured in accordance with the Law on Real Estate Appraisers for the appropriate amount, and as a company we are insured against the professional liability of appraisers in the amount of €1,000,000.