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OAC Property Services

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OAC Property Services encompasses a wide range of real estate consulting services, providing a spectrum of offerings that extend from property valuations, through consulting during the development and management of investments, all the way to lender’s supervision of properties under construction. Our expertise extends to both individual properties and property portfolios, delivering comprehensive solutions.

One of our company's key strengths lies in the unique combination of local and international expertise. Thanks to this, we can boast a deep understanding of the local market and its specificities, while simultaneously leveraging international best practices and standards. Our team of experts brings extensive experience in the real estate industry, providing a high level of expertise and professionalism in every project.

OAC Property Services has been present in the Serbian market since 2005, with an almost unchanged composition. In the initial phase, we were part of the Eurobank group of companies until 2019. The second phase began in 2019 when the company transitioned into local ownership through a management buyout process. During this time, we carried out extensive restructuring with the aim of better positioning and increased presence in the domestic market. This allowed us to provide top-notch consulting services even more efficiently and have a strong impact, especially on the profession of property valuation, both through our daily work in the company and through our involvement in the Society of Valuers of Serbia, where our most experienced employees have been active since the society's inception.