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Procena portfolija - OAC INDEX

The OAC RESIDENTIAL INDEX defines and measures the performance of the local residential market prices based on valuation data and other relevant data from the market.

The Index is a measure of the change of the residential property values over time in Serbia, serving as an accurate indicator of value trends at various geographical segments.

We have a significant database for all types of real estate, which covers the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia. Using that database as well as a special software solution, we can offer you the service of mass reevaluation of residential real estate portfolio - OAC RESIDENTIAL INDEX.

This is our product, a statistical model that we developed from 2012 to 2014 and applied for the first time in 2014. Since then, our portfolio reevaluations have passed several controls by the NBS, and in 2020, a renowned auditing company performed a validation of our statistical model. This validation showed a high level of reliability of our product as well as the adequacy of this statistical model for portfolio reevaluation and collateral monitoring in accordance with the relevant laws and the decision of the NBS, including the Decision on the classification of balance sheet assets and off-balance sheet items of the bank, as well as with the regulatory framework of the EBA.

This service is primarily interesting for banks and factoring companies, as well as for all investors interested in purchasing a portfolio of residential real estate.